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The medical procedure known as uterine polypectomy involves eliminating a polyp from inside of a woman’s vagina. Moreover, Uterine polyps are precancerous but can become cancerous shortly.

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Why is a Polypectomy Done?

A uterine polyp may not cause you to experience any symptoms, but it is essential to remove the polyp from your vagina if you feel the following symptoms:

  • Irregular bleeding 
  • Spotting
  • prolapse

Doctors suggest removing any uterine polyps as a preventive measure, as they can become cancerous in the future.

What types of polyps are dealt with in Polypectomy? 

Polypectomy is done to resolve the problems of following polyps 

  • Colon Polyps
  •  Uterine Polyps 
  • Stomach Polyps 
  • Gallbladder Polyps

These polyps are being removed and monitored to prevent the following disease, which can cause significant problems in the future. 

  • Colorectal Cancer 
  • Cervical cancer 
  • Stomach Cancer 
  • Gallbladder Cancer 

Polyps can also be removed when these types of problems are seen in the human body. 

  • Uncontrolled bleeding, pain, or pressure on the organs
  • Blocking of blood vessels
  •  Menstruation and fertility problems in the uterus 

Is Polypectomy a minor surgery? 

Polypectomy is a minor surgery where patients might need or might not need general anesthesia. If a sedative is required, it will be given through an IV needle to make the patient feel drowsy and relaxed so that they experience less sensation during the surgery.

For a uterine polypectomy, the doctor might insert a hysteroscope through the vagina into the cervix and uterus. The camera on the hysteroscope will help the doctor guide to the polyp.

The healthcare providers are responsible for serving these minor surgeries. When a patient presents with complex cases, the surgeon might assess the polyp through the abdomen, which can result in more advanced surgical techniques like laparoscopy, which involves making a small keyhole incision and inserting a scope through it. 

Is Polypectomy Surgery Painful? 

Surgeons use various forms of anesthesia and methods for reducing pain to ensure comfort during the penectomy process. Depending on the kind of anesthesia you are going to get, indeed, if you require surgery, general anesthesia—through which you will sleep—might be necessary. In general, in polypectomy, you have to be awake for the polypectomy process to take place. Patients can feel pressure or pulling when the uterine polyps are removed from the vagina, but pain shouldn't be experienced. 

What is the cost of Polypectomy in India? 

The cost of treating Polypectomy in India ranges between Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 with all necessary precautions and medications.  

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Why Sehgal Nursing Home? 

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