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Endometriosis is a long-term condition where tissues similar to the lining of the uterine cavity grow outside the uterus. The growth of these tissues causes severe pelvic pain. 

Endometriosis may occur in a woman during her first menstrual cycle and remain until menopause. Women experiencing endometriosis suffer pelvic inflammation and the growth of scar tissue. 

There is, at present, no known cure for endometriosis treatment surgery, and its root cause is still unknown. However, medications can be used to treat endometriosis after symptoms have been detected, and in some instances, surgery may be the solution. Sehgal Nursing Home provides the best endometriosis treatment in Delhi through a personal care health approach and medications. 

Symptoms of Endometriosis 

Endometriosis often causes extreme pain in the pelvis, especially during the menstrual period. Women may experience severe pain when they are having or are done with being physically intermediate. When they are urinating or using the bathroom, endometriosis pain may affect them during that time. 

  • During a period
  • Before or  after having sex
  • When you are urinating or defecating

Apart from this, some females also don't have symptoms of endometriosis. For those people, a common pain in the lower part of the belly arises. 

Here are some of the symptoms which some people may experience - 

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Heavy bleeding during the periods
  • Trouble getting pregnant
  • Fatigue,  bloating or nausea  
  • Anxiety or depression

 Symptoms may show some improvement after menopause.

Causes of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a type of complex disease that affects many women globally from the very first start of their menstrual cycle and lasts until their menopause. Here are some of the causes of endometriosis occurring- 

  • Cellular metaplasia 

Cellular metaplasia is when cells change from one to another; cells outside the uterus change into endometrial cells and start to grow, which causes endometriosis.

  • Stem cells 

Stem cells can also give rise to this disease, which spreads through with the help of blood in the body and lymphatic vessels.

  • Retrograde menstruation 

Retrograde menstruation is when menstrual blood containing endometriotic cells flows down black from the fallopian tube into the pelvic cavity at the time when blood is flowing out of the body through the cervix and vagina during the periods—retrograde menstruation results in endometrial cell deposition outside the uterus where they implant and start growing. 

Treatment of Endometriosis 

Several techniques and methods to cure endometriosis vary based on its severity and other terms. Still, no specific treatments can cure the disease.  It can be fixed with the help of associated medications and techniques. 

  • Medicines like non-sychiorodial anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and analgesic painkillers like ibuprofen and naproxen are used to treat endometriosis in most conditions. Also, hormonal medicines like GnRH and contraceptives are used to control endometriosis pain 
  • Endometriosis Treatment Surgery is another method to remove endometriotic cells and scar tissues. Doctors use laparoscopic surgery to find a cure for endometriosis.

Why Sehgal Nursing Home? 

Sehgal Nursing Home provides an individualized approach to patient care, modern reproduction technologies, and proficient medical professionals. Sehgal Nursing Home offers the best endometriosis treatment in Delhi, and encouraging responses from medical professionals could benefit its accomplishment.

Sehgal Nursing Home also offers customised therapies, comfortable surroundings, and complete pregnancy support for couples or individuals who have experienced infertility and pregnancy problems. People interested in the clinic can call our toll-free number or make an appointment for more information.


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