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Pregnancy check-ups, often called parental care, are health care services for pregnant women. Parental care is an essential check-up which every pregnant woman requires, and medical professionals provide it during their hospital visits until the baby is born. A healthy baby can be delivered before the entire time or one week before your due date with the help of pregnancy checkups.

It is advised that new mothers not be afraid to ask queries of their healthcare provider about any requirements or concerns they may have about their private life or health while they're pregnant. 

Most of the time, these specialized pregnancy health care providers are women who must be familiar with every pregnancy detail to provide you and your baby the best care possible. When you visit the healthcare provider for a personal care check-up, there is not a word of discomfort or embarrassment. While speaking with medical professionals, you can feel free to discuss any information with them with complete trust.

When to go for a pregnancy check-up?

  • After four weeks to 28 weeks of pregnancy - You should go for your pregnancy checkup every four weeks, once a month.
  • After 28 weeks to 36 weeks of pregnancy - You need to go for the pregnancy checkup twice every two weeks, which is twice a month.  
  • After 36 weeks to 47 weeks - Although after 36 weeks to 47 weeks of pregnancy, you must go for a weekly checkup ( four times a month).

What type of information can we ask our healthcare provider during pregnancy check-ups?

You can discuss the following terms with the healthcare provider during your pregnancy check-up –

  • About your first day of the last menstruation period
  • The health conditions you are having currently
  • The type of medicines you take during pregnancy
  • What is the history behind your pregnancy
  • If you have any bad habits like smoking or consumption of alcohol, you can talk about that too with your health care provider so that they can’t affect your pregnancy. 
  • You can also talk about safety measures and techniques to follow at home and work.

Note: - Do not keep anything in mind; even if you have a single line of doubt, you can discuss it with your healthcare provider. If you share every information about yourself with the health care provider, they will give their best care and support to you so that you can have the most successful pregnancy and deliver the most beautiful baby after nine months.

What are the standard tests the Health Care provider takes during a Pregnancy Checkup? 

The standard tests that healthcare provider takes on their patient during pregnancy are given below as follows –

  • Genetic screening 
  • First trimester & Second trimester
  • Ultrasound 
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chronic virus sampling 
  • fetal monitoring
  •  group B strep culture 
  • glucose

What is the cost of a Pregnancy check-up?

The cost of pregnancy checkups varies from hospital to hospital and health care specialists. The price range for pregnancy checkups once is between Rs 499 - Rs 2999 in India. 

Why Sehgal Nursing Home? 

Sehgal Nursing Home in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi offers couples and individuals with problems with infertility modified treatment with robotic-assisted systems and complete pregnancy services with proper care and medication. Those who want more details about the clinic may book an appointment or contact our 24-hour helpline.

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