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Cornual Block

Cornual Block In Fallopian Tubes Surgery In Delhi | SNH

What is a Cornual block? 

A cornual block, also known as cornual occlusion, refers to the obstruction or blockage of the fallopian tubes at the upmost portion called the cornua. This situation can result in infertility as it hinders the ordinary passage of the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, which prevents fertilization. 

Various factors cause cornual blocks, including inflammatory disorder of the pelvis, preceding pelvic surgical procedures, or adhesions. The diagnosis is especially made via imaging studies like hysterosalpingography. 

There are several treatment options, which include surgical interventions, including tubal reanastomosis or in vitro fertilization. Also, the surgical technique is applied depending on the blockage region. 

Why to do Cornual Block? 

Detecting a cornual block is vital in the context of the evaluation of fertility. Identifying this obstruction in the fallopian tube, particularly at the cornua, allows us to explain infertility troubles in women. 

Cornual blocks prevent the natural passage of eggs by obstructing the route for fertilization and implantation. Hysterosalpingography, which enables within the prognosis, frequently helps the gynecologist make appropriate treatment plans. By knowing the presence and volume of the blockage, one will get to recognize the targeted interventions, along with surgical correction or, as a substitute, fertility remedies like in vitro fertilization. 

Understanding and addressing cornual block is essential for couples who are facing demanding situations in conceiving, facilitating knowledgeable selections on the most effective fertility intervention. 

When to do Cornual Block? 

A cornual block research is accomplished while the couples face sudden infertility problems or any problem in conceiving. It is specifically executed as part of fertility assessment, and the procedure is suggested when there are indications of fallopian tube obstruction. 

Women who have an advantageous record of pelvic inflammatory disorder, previous pelvic surgical operation, or recurrent miscarriages can be mainly suggested to undergo checking out for cornual block. Identifying and addressing cornual blocks is critical for figuring out the proper direction of fertility treatment, whether it involves surgical correction or opportunity strategies which might be custom designed to the specific reproductive challenges confronted by way of the couple. 

What is the cost of a Cornual Block? 

The value of diagnosing and treating Cornual Block in India depends on many elements, which include medical facility, vicinity, and particular diagnostic and remedy tactics. Diagnostic assessments like hysterosalpingography can range from 3000 to 10,000 or more. 

If surgical interventions are required, the fee may increase from 50,000 to two lakh rupees. These figures are approximate and can also differ based on the man or woman instances and healthcare providers. 

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