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Egg Freezing

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Egg freezing or cryopreservation is a procedure in which women's eggs (oocytes ) are extracted, frozen, and then stored to preserve their reproductive potential at their reproductive age. The method of egg freezing has gained great success in the past few years, where eggs have survived with the help of the egg freezing process. The egg-freezing technique has enhanced potential fertilization, gamete survival, and live birth rates.

Who Needs Egg Fertilization?

The process of egg fertilization is considered due to the following reasons –

  • Women who face ovarian disease have a risk of damage to their ovaries
  • In the case of genetic mutation
  • In preserving fertility for any reasons due to which childbearing has been delayed.
  • When women had surgeries that damaged their ovaries.
  • For women who have had cancer during their chemotherapy process, this may affect their fertility
  • In a scenario where the risk of premature ovarian failure can occur due to chromosomal abnormalities.

What Is The Process Of Egg Freezing?

The process of egg freezing is completed in three simple steps, which are given below as follows –

  1. Ovulation of Eggs:- In the very first start, synthetic hormones were introduced to the female’s body to stimulate her ovaries during the menstrual cycle. This step ensures that her ovaries can produce multiple eggs instead of only one every month. Hence, the follicles are prepared for the egg retrieval after 8 to 15 days. Now, hcG hormones are injected into the patient’s body to help her eggs mature.
  2. Retrieval of Eggs:- The egg retrieval method is a short process in which transvaginal ultrasound is performed. In this approach, an ultrasound probe is introduced in the vagina for follicle identification, where a needle is passed through the vagina to enter the follicle. With the help of a device connected to a needle, multiple eggs are removed from the follicle.
  3. Egg Freezing:- After the method of egg retrieval is processed, unfertilized eggs are cooled to a temperature of sub-zero, which helps in all the other biological activities to render them immovable, and then preserved for future use. To prevent the issue of ice crystal formation from happening during the egg freezing process, substances termed cryoprotectants are being used. Freezing eggs properly is essential because if they are not preserved carefully and correctly, they can impact the chance of a successful pregnancy.

What is the Cost of Egg Freezing?

The price for egg freezing treatment in India ranges between INR 1,10,000- 1,50,000. The price range also varies depending upon the clinic, the experience of doctors & specialists, and the number of eggs wanted to be frozen.

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