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Hymenoplasty Surgery

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Hymenoplasty or hymnography is the procedure to restore the broken Hymen through surgery. This procedure of repairing the Hymen is also known as revirginization. With the help of this article, we will tell you about the Hymenoplasty in Delhi.

What is a hymen?

A tissue found in the vagina covering the vaginal opening is called a Hymen. It starts forming when the female baby is in the womb, mostly when the mother is in the first month of the second trimester of her pregnancy. The damaged Hymen can be treated through specific procedures.

Why is Hymenoplasty done?

This surgery can be done in the following cases, which are mentioned below:-

  • Blocked Hymen.
  • Hymen with a complicated structure.
  • To cure accidental ruptures of the Hymen.
  • Muscle tightening.
  • For psychological satisfaction.

Procedure of Hymenoplasty

This is a simple procedure which is performed under the local anesthesia. Under this procedure, the particular tissue is stitched so a small opening remains and the excess skin or tissues are cut neatly and gently. In cases where the skin is not enough, or the Hymen is none –existent, doctors have to use vaginal skin or any synthetic tissue. Here surgeons have to arrange for the blood supply through your vaginal flap or artificially.

  New surgical technique for Hymenoplasty

Super Hymenoplasty is the procedure by which a person can experience the pain of their first sexual intercourse. Here, the surgeon will artificially create one super-hymen for more bleeding after the immediate sexual act. General anesthesia is also required here, but the doctor makes two layers in the vagina. Here, the torn pieces of Hymen are inserted below the urethral orifice.

This process ensures success, although it may cause some pain. Once the surgery is completed, the doctor will ask you to clean the area with warm water and apply ointment. This helps to heal faster. This artificial procedure to restore Hymen does not cause any harm to the vagina.

  Side effects and Complications after hymen restoration

Sometimes, a problem related to stricture may occur.The vaginal entrance may constrict in such a situation, making it challenging to have sex again.

Some other side effects are as follows

  • Pain and bruising
  • Numbness
  • Swelling and bleeding

Hymenoplasty recovery

After taking rest for a few days, a person can quickly recover from this surgery. A person needs 7 to 10 days for complete recovery. One has to avoid heavy work or exercises initially as they can start work 2 to 3 days after the surgery. This is a treatment for long-term benefit.

Hymenoplasty cost in Delhi

The Hymenoplasty cost in Delhi is much less as compared to other surgeries. A person must spend only twenty thousand to fifty thousand as the price varies with the kind of treatment provided during and after the surgery. Since it is a cosmetic surgery, it is good to opt for a better way of treatment even if it costs a bit more money. Your priority should be your well-being and comfort.

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Hymenoplasty in Delhi

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