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Normal Delivery

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While every normal delivery is unique, finding the right birthing environment can make a big difference. Delhi offers a variety of hospitals specializing in normal deliveries. If you're seeking a Maternity Hospital in Delhi, Sehgal Nursing Home Can be the one. Moreover, Sehgal Nursing Home is the Best Normal Delivery Center, as it considers factors like doctor experience, facility amenities, and birthing philosophies.

A "normal delivery" is a childbirth which usually happens through the vagina without the need for medical intervention. Vaginal delivery is another name for a normal delivery.  Every normal delivery is distinct and distinctive from mother to mother. The following list illustrates the various phases of vaginal or normal delivery.

Stage 1

Early labor and active labour are the two phases which make up Stage 1 previously. This stage starts with the cervix dilation to a max of 10 centimetres because of regular contractions.  The cervix shortens, becomes softer, and thins as a consequence of contractions, thereby making it easier for the baby to pass down the birth canal. Among the three stages, this particular one is the most extended state. 

Early Labour 

Regularly, the mother feels mild, irregular cramps as a result of her cervix stretching and getting thin during early labour. A slight discharge of clear pinkish fluid from the vagina can be observed by the mother when the cervix opens. The average time for a woman to undergo this stage of pregnancy can range from a few hours to a few days. 

Active Labour 

Active Labour is a stage of pregnancy under which the cervix dilates from 6 cm to  10 cm, under which contraction becomes more powerful and frequent. It causes side effects such as leg cramps,  pressure in the back, nausea and feeling the water break.

Active Labour lasts four to eight hours or more during this stage.  The cervix dilates about 1 centimetre in every hour.

Stage 2

Pushing, substituting, delivering birth to the child 

In the second stage, the cervix dilates completely. This stage lasts anywhere between a few minutes up to a few hours in a day. During this stage, the mother has to push every contraction itself, which can lead to fatigue. 

This stage can also be categorized by the following terms where the mother may have to do several activities for her baby –

  • There is an intense pain around the vaginal opening as the child comes out
  • The mother feels pressure and gets the feeling that she wants to pass the motions
  • The physician performs epistome
  • Continuous pushing by the mother to let the baby out of the vagina

The doctor cuts the umbilical cord at the final step after the baby is ultimately out of the mother's body and cries for the first time. 

Stage 3

Delivery of the Placenta

After the child comes out of the mother’s body, the final stage, which is known as delivery of the placenta, is done by the doctor and takes about five to 30 minutes by the doctor to take out the placenta from the vaginal canal of the mother. 

The mother will experience mild contractions that will close together and are a bit painful. To get relief from the pain, physicians give medicine and encourage uterine contraction and prevent bleeding, and they also check that no fragments are remaining in the uterus, which can cause infection or bleeding. 

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