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From the evaluations and news, it is noted that about 20% - 25% of women from India suffer from the condition of PCOD, which is altogether termed Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The article delivers a deep understanding and briefly describes PCOD disorder, its symptoms, causes and PCOS treatment in delhi

What is PCOD ( Polycystic Ovarian Disease )

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease, which is a medical disorder in women where women’s ovaries generate premature eggs. These eggs, after a couple of times, develop into cysts. If you’re suffering from PCOD, you’re not having your periods very often, and you may have too much male hormone- androgen, in your body, which results in the creation of follicular cysts.

Symptoms of PCOD

In females, there are two ovaries, which lead to the production of estrogen and progesterone. Along with it, when women are suffering from PCOD, the ovaries also release androgen. PCOD disbalances the process of extraction of estrogen and progesterone, which leads to abnormal release of androgen. Here below are common PCOD symptoms found in women who are suffering from this disease.

  • Irregularity in the menstrual cycle
  • Very heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles
  • Excessive growth of hair on the body with lots of acne on the face
  • Hair loss and baldness
  • Obesity
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Pigmentation

If you’re facing any of these symptoms, then you must be suffering from PCOD. It is advised to you to visit a clinic and have a consultation with the doctors 

What are the causes of PCOD

  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Pollution
  • Supplements and OTC medications
  • Undertaking medications which alter hormones.

Physiological Causes of PCOD

There are some of the physiological Causes too of PCID  are given below as follows- 

  • Insulin Production – Insulin is produced by the pancreas in the human body. It is a type of natural hormone that helps to maintain the regularity and functioning of the blood sugar levels and metabolism. According to the research and studies, the increase in the level of insulin results in PCOD, which leads to excessive production of androgen stimulation.
  • Inflammation – When the degree of inflammation is low, it leads to PCOD, and any types of autoimmune diseases lead to inflammation in the human body.
  • High levels of Androgen – Due to the increment of androgen hormone, a female may face excessive body hair growth, skin diseases and other side effects in their body. The more the increase in androgen hormone, the more the gain in these side effects in the body leads to PCOD.

Treatment Options for PCOD

The treatment of PCOD involves lifestyle changes as well as following proper medications. Here below are the following practices and procedures to be followed to treat PCOD

  • Healthy Diet – Maintaining your diet and eating healthy foods helps you to get cured of PCOD shortly. People need to eliminate sugar items, fatty foods and oily dishes from their food. This will lower your cholesterol levels and help you to get relief from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Schedule a healthy lifestyle – Women who have hectic schedules must plan and do regular exercises to overcome the conditions of PCOD automatically.
  • Skin treatment –  With proper health care, women can eliminate skin allergies, acne, dark spots and other related skin issues.
  • Infertility – Women who are suffering from PCOD may also face infertility. To overcome infertility conditions, women need to go with infertility treatment, which helps them to conceive in future.
  • Hormonal treatment – If one has been diagnosed with PCOD, they need to get a cyclical hormone treatment to regulate the periodic cycle.

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